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Walmart App for iPhone

  • http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/walmart/id338137227?mt=8
  • The Walmart App for iPhone is currently rated 4.5 stars.
  • Walmart was the first retailer to launch Store Mode capabilities that enhance the retail shopping experience for customers through dynamic shopping tools like barcode scanning, shopping lists, & local ad browsing.

 Walmart App for iPad

Walmart App for Android

Walmart Mobile Website

  • mobile.walmart.com
  • Walmart’s mobile website is fast and easy to use with key homepage features like a search box and daily promotional items browse from.



Walmart is using mobile to reshape the entire customer journey from deciding to go into the store to coming out with a product.  Customers can now enjoy amazing mobile features that enhance the in-store shopping experience.


Walmart was the first retailer to introduce Store Mode on iPhone, which provides convenient tools to enhance the shopping experience at your local store.

  • Integrated Technology:  Our mobile app uses geolocation and geofencing technology to detect when customers enter a Walmart store and automatically prompts users to use Store Mode.


  • Adoption: Over 60% of customers activate Store Mode, which allows iPhone customers to:
    • Check prices by scanning barcodes
    • Plan and budget better with shopping lists and digital coupons
    • Scan QR codes to see extended assortment online
    • View their local ad for the latest discounts


Tired of waiting in line?  Walmart is launching a new Scan & Go service this November in a subset of our stores.


  • On-the-go: Scan & Go users save time by scanning store items with their iPhone and bagging them while they shop.

  • Saves Time: Scan & Go eliminates the need to wait in line for standard checkout.  Simply head to a self check out lane, transfer your basket wirelessly and complete your payment.


Launching a second phase this winter (first phase was this past summer), Endless Aisle uses QR codes in stores to connect mobile customers with broader assortment available online.

  • More choices for customers:  Store shoppers can discover more items than those available at their local store by scanning QR codes through Walmart’s iOS and Android mobile apps.



Every week, Walmart serves over 140 million customers in 4,000 retail stores.  More and more of our customers own smartphones, so we have focused on innovative design and providing useful functionality to deliver a best in class mobile shopping experience.

Walmart supports customers across iPhone, iPad, and Android Apps, as well as on the mobile web. We deliver high quality products that provide rich store and online features. Today, all of our Apps in the U.S. have 4+ star customer ratings on the current versions and we continually hear from customers that we are making their everyday shopping experiences better.


Last November, we launched smart Shopping Lists on iPhone which is loaded with features that help customers shop and save money.  Key features include:

  • Voice Input: Add items to shopping list by speaking, typing, scanning bar codes, or selecting commonly purchased items from your basket history

  • Budgeting tools: Calculate total price in real-time as specific items are added to the list

  • Manufacturer’s coupons: Save money by viewing applicable manufacturer coupons for products carried in local Walmart stores



Starting this November, Scan & Go customers will receive electronic receipts through the Walmart iPhone app.

  • Sustainability: By providing a digital copy of print receipts, Walmart reinforces its commitment to environmental sustainability by reducing dependence on paper receipts.

  • Access to Purchases: Customers can easily access their purchase information and add favorite items to their mobile shopping list.

  • Budgeting Tools: Over time, customers can access all their eReceipts in one place, review their purchase history, and use the information to help manage budgets.



Even with 4+ star ratings on the current versions of our apps in iOS and Android, Walmart’s ability to provide the best mobile user experience is best illustrated by our customers’ reviews:

“Great experience each time I use this app, moves through each step without any hassle, love the new look and set up as well.”

“Makes shopping so easy and convenient.”

“This app has saved [me] SO much time and money.”

“Great shopping app…Very helpful inside and outside of the store.”

“The update made this app awesome and I love the function of it.”

“Love it.”

“The newest update is very nice. I like the option to add custom things for your shopping list. Now I can delete all other shopping apps!”

“Easy to use; I love the ability to scan items directly to a list within the app”

“[I really like] being able to look at coupons and make a list! Excellent and easy to use!”

“I will be using this app ALL the time.”

“A lot of thought has gone into creating this app. Very easy to use!”




Today, we deliver leading mobile experiences across 4 different platforms: iPhone, Android, iPad and the mobile web.  Our techniques are generating strong results and becoming benchmarks in the industry:

  • Market Results:  With little to no marketing, we are posting high double digit traffic growth and quadruple digit revenue growth due to high quality and innovative product development.
  • Industry Benchmark:  Walmart has received multiple industry awards in 2012 including: (1) The 2012 Mobile Excellence Award for Best Retail / Commerce for Mobile and (2) Best Retail Mobile Website (Ranked #1 out of 300) by Acquity Group.
  • Talent:  Walmart formed @WalmartLabs in Silicon Valley and assembled a team of talented designers, engineers, and mobile experts with proven track records to redefine how customers shop at Walmart around the world.  We are using mobile to erase traditional channel paradigms and build a single unified relationship with Walmart customers in stores and online.
  • Technology Leadership:  Walmart’s mobile team likes big challenges.  Everyday, we have to make all the products available at the world’s largest retailer accessible, fast and easy to use.   We use cutting edge technology architecture, engineering, and design capabilities to accomplish this constant and growing challenge. Our HTML5 mobile website applies advanced technologies like CSS3, local storage and CORS to create a fast and engaging customer experience for mobile shopping. Our apps use the best of native and HTML5 with a strong hybrid strategy allowing Walmart to change parts of our app without the user having to update their app.
  • Giving Back to Developers: The impact of our technology leadership has not only been used by our customers, but also by the developer community.  We have contributed back to the open source community by providing the Thorax and Lumbar projects, hosted on Github, which provide tools for developers to create rich, multi-platform HTML5 solutions in an efficient way.